East Elementary Construction

Welcome Parents

Parents of Students Moving to a New Eastern Independence School this Year:

This place is your resource for information as we head into a new school year. This can be an exciting time for your students, but we understand that you have many questions. Below you will find maps, an address search engine that will find your students' school, information about the new Eastern Elementary, and more.

Come back to this site frequently. We will update this with any new information just as soon as it becomes available.

Interior Pictures of Little Blue Elementary

Something new is being added to the new school in Eastern Independence each day! Take a look at the photos below to see the latest touches.

Boundary Changes

With the addition of a new elementary school, the current school boundaries are set to change. The changes are highlighted in the following two PDF files. Please note, both of these documents are large in order to maintain the street level detail of the map. Please be patient as they load.

Searchable Maps

Using this tool you can search for your home address and find out what schools your student would attend.

East Elementary Construction Progress

A Letter From Eastern Elementary Principal Jeff Williams

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share my excitement about my appointment as the principal at the new east elementary school. Independence School District has a reputation of excellence and I feel fortunate to be joining a school district focused on student learning, a commitment to high expectations, innovation and collaboration. It is my intent to continue to carry out these important traditions and practices as we open the new school.

As we all make this transition to the new elementary school, I am well aware of the excitement and anticipation that accompanies a change in schools. Serving at the new east elementary school, I have first-hand knowledge of this change in my role as the principal but also as the parent of one of our new second grade students. I believe this unique perspective will help in our planning and provide a great deal of support to our students and families in making this transition as smooth as possible.

As we work toward the first day of school, we will spend a great deal of time providing our students and families opportunities to be actively engaged in the planning and preparation with the new school. I truly believe this collaborative effort will foster ownership within each of our students and their families, but will also help to provide for a seamless transition into a new school setting. We look forward to beginning this effort this spring, and I encourage you and your family to take full advantage of these avenues for collaboration.

Supporting our students to be successful in school, and in their lives, is the center of our work. I am honored to have been selected to serve our new school community, and look forward to developing strong relationships between school and home. If I can be of any assistance in answering any question that you may have, please do not hesitate in contacting me at: jeffrey_williams@indep.k12.mo.us

Jeff Williams

Kindergarten Roundup

Kindergarten Roundup for the new Eastern Elementary is quickly approaching. For more information on this event or to make an appointment, please download this informational flyer.

Q and A


Any student living in an area with boundary changes may elect to stay at his or her current school. Parents must turn in the form received in the mail (click here to view the form) by May 4th to have a student remain at his or her current school. In addition, younger siblings who would attend school at the same time as that student have the ability to be grandfathered as well.


Those parents opting to keep students at their current school are responsible for that student's transportation.


These changes go into effect in August and do not affect summer school for this year. You will send your student to the same school you would have before boundary changes were announced.


These boundary changes in Eastern Independence will not affect which high school your child attends. High school boundaries in this area remain the same: students living north of 23rd street go to William Chrisman High School, students living south of 23rd street go to Truman High School.